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Electronic control systems continue to increase in capability and reduce in cost. The potential applications for electronic control are almost endless. Advantage for companies investing in electronics include improved quality assurance, a wider range of features, reduction in size, increased flexibility and the potential to reduce cost.

Micro Systems & Controls can remove much of the risk associated with developing electronic products for companies who do not have electronic development or manufacturing expertise.

We offer a comprehensive service to satisfy the growing demand for electronic product Design & Manufacture from OEMs. 

We cover all stages of the development process from the initial concept right through to volume production. As successful designers and manufacturers of our own electronic products, we are ideally placed to work with you at the early design stage, ensuring your product is designed for manufacture, and will be reliable in the field.

The process is a partnership with you providing the concept and the requirements of your product and we providing the expertise and experience necessary to develop the product. 

What we offer

  • We work with you to generate the product specification.

  • Analog and digital hardware design.

  • Microprocessor / SoC hardware

  • Schematic capture

  • PCB layout 

  • Embedded software development in C /C++

  • Testing and calibration.

Examples of some of our designed products for OEMs

  • HVAC Smart Controller for de-humidification application

  • Pharmaceutical Application Controller for automatic tablet coating

  • Material Handling Conveyor Controller, Batching & Weighing Controller

Interested ?

If you are an OEM and have an application which you feel would benefit from a dedicated electronic solution or would like to improve on your existing system.
Get in touch for a no obligation initial discussion and offer.


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